#AmericasETHOS Embarks on a 50-State Tour [Video]


Talk about total FUN! I was among the first to get to shoot the AWESOME Benelli Ethos in this #AmericasETHOS challenge. I not only took it hunting the fabled #gobblesquatch (A.K.A. wild turkey), but I also had a blast on the range with steel, cd’s and some apple pie. Yes, I said PIE!

Watch my video and check out the press release below. Be sure to head on over to americasethos.benelliusa.com to check out photos, read log book entries and watch more of the ETHOS in action.

Benelli USA Announces “America’s ETHOS” 50-State Tour

Americas ETHOSA single Benelli ETHOS will be traveling to each of the 50 states over the coming months to perform a variety of shooting tasks determined by the recipient in each state. America’s ETHOS will tell the story of one shotgun traveling the country experiencing the unique environments and conditions that each of the 50 states has to offer without being cleaned along the way.

Writers, pro staffers, competition shooters, sales reps, dealers, outdoor celebrities and industry partners will receive this particular out-of-the-box ETHOS to use in every way a shotgun can be used. To document the experience, this ETHOS will be accompanied by a logbook and video camera for each participant to report on how they used the ETHOS, what they shot with it, and how it performed. Every ding and dent will be entered into the logbook and will be worn like a badge representing the story of its travels. There will also be regular updates posted on Benelli and partner websites, as well as social media channels.

“The Benelli ETHOS is not just a beautiful firearm, but a powerful workhorse,” said Tom Kaleta, Benelli USA’s VP of Marketing. “America’s ETHOS 50-State Tour will add the equivalent of 50 years of wear to this particular firearm in just 50 weeks. It’s the ultimate test to prove how well the ETHOS will withstand and perform under any circumstance.”

Partnered with the ETHOS on this countrywide trip will be Federal Premium Ammunition, supplying every kind of 12-gauge ammo required and a Pelican 1750 Case, protecting it from the roughest treatment it will be subjected to—shipping.

“We’ve worked with Benelli for a long time and couldn’t pass this up,” said Federal Premium Communications Director Tim Brandt. “The ETHOS is another firearm in a long line of successful semi-autos that can do everything. These outstanding shotguns are a great fit for our full line of Premium® ammunition. We’re excited to see each recipient’s unique usage of the ETHOS. It’s great to know that every time the trigger is pulled and a new experience documented, Federal Premium will be along for the ride.”

The ETHOS features the Inertia Driven® System in an all-new platform, which includes the Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system. This shotgun is the culmination of years of research and evolving technology developed by the engineers at Benelli and confirmed by feedback from hunters and shooters.

By the time this ETHOS returns to Accokeek, Maryland, it will have quite a story to tell. At the culmination of the America’s ETHOS tour, this ETHOS will be featured at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville in April.

To follow America’s ETHOS on its journey visit http://americasethos.benelliusa.com. You can also receive updates by liking Benelli’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BenelliOfficialFanPage or by visiting Federal Premium’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/federalpremiumammo or www.federalpremium.com.

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