5 Steps to help you get #SHOOTFIT in 2015

 Physical fitness plays an important role in how well we are able to perform on the range. Agility, strength and endurance can be put to the test in many action shooting events. Even for precision based shooting, getting healthy and staying in shape helps you perform your best.
Get SHOOTFIT - Stay Strong

Do you want to get #SHOOTFIT?

Here are five steps that help me get on track with my personal fitness goals and stay motivated. Maybe they can help you too!
  1. Identify – Be honest with yourself and identify the areas you want to improve. Do you want to get stronger? Build your grip and upper body strength? Do you need to be faster on your feet? Are you hoping to improve your overall fitness? Once you know what you want to accomplish you can look for exercise programs, gyms and/or trainers that will help you reach your goals.
  2. Start – Whether it’s work out a DVD or app, joining a gym and lifting weights, or tightening up those laces and hitting the road for a run, the key is to get started. There’s nothing that says you have to commit 100% to a specific program or can’t change things up. In fact, incorporating variety into your workouts can help keep you from getting bored or burning out. Most importantly though, always check with your doctor first before starting any fitness program.
  3. Motivate – Set up reminders in your phone. Hang up that trophy or target that ignites a spark. Take advantage of the internet and search for videos of your competition tearing it up on the range. You know what triggers you. Use it to push yourself to reach your goals.
  4. Log It – Start recording your progress. Write down your goals, log your results and make note of your milestones. Use an old-fashioned notebook or get techie with a spreadsheet to not only track your training on the range, but in the gym as well. Logging both your shooting and fitness progress helps you stay focused. You can also analyze the data periodically to discover what is working and what you should change.
  5. Share – Share your struggles and successes your with your shooting network. Tap into the support of family and friends. They’ll be there for you for the highs and lows in your training and congratulate you on your personal victories. I’ll be watching too! Tag your photos and posts with #SHOOTFIT and connect with others who want to get in shooting shape this season

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