Thursday Nights On You Tube + #GoneHunting Waterfowl [VIDEO]

The dust has settled from SHOT Show. I’m back from an amazing waterfowl with Benelli, Federal Premium and Chad Belding’s Fowl Life. So, now it’s time to get back to a routine. That means shooting my favorite guns, training, and, of course, competing. Annnd… I want to share it with you! Every Thursday, barring any significant life happenings that pop up as a wife and mom, I plan to upload a new video to my YouTube channel.

What can you expect? Well, there will be shooting clips, some recipes and cooking tips, a little bit of hunting with a dash of guns and gear videos. Every now and again there will be a very serious, exclusive peak into what life is like as a professional shooter because, you know, I am clearly that serious and somber type.

Why more video? I admit it, I’m weird. I love, I mean really love, editing video. Not that I am some über famous YouTube star, far from it, but I so enjoy putting out videos that showcase the shooting sports and give people a bit of insight on shooting, guns, gear and hunting. Making videos also gives me a creative outlet outside of my daily grind. That, and it just so happens my most dedicated viewers are my kiddos. As a mom, I gotta tell you that makes me feel pretty awesome.

So, if you missed it on Thursday 630 central time I uploaded my first Thursday night video. It’s a photo and video collage of some of my favorite moments with four amazing women on a waterfowl hunt with Dirty Rice Outfitters. You can also check out the photo feature story at

Who says a ladies weekend out has to involve a spa and a mall? We happened to get a little DRO Duck Call shopping in and there was a lot of invigorating and soul purifying mud, but this is my idea of an awesome weekend of fun out with girlfriends, my Benelli Super Vinci and a box of Federal Black Cloud ammo! Ladies (and guys too) if you want to go on your own waterfowl hunting adventure check out Dirty Rice Outfitters at

Is there a video you want to see? Send me an email or comment on any of the videos on my YouTube Channel. Subscriptions and thumbs up are always welcome but so is your constructive feedback. Thanks!

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