Hunter – Prois Hunting Apparel Pro Staff

Julie first discovered her love for the outdoors when she learned to hunt with her father in upstate New York.  She looks forward to hunting season every year as time to spend with her husband. She also isn’t afraid to hunt solo and has harvested several animals from start to finish all on her own. As a member of the Prois Hunting Apparel Pro Staff, Julie enjoys sharing that passion for the outdoors, especially with other women.

Traveling the world and competing on 6 continents as a pro shooter, this self-proclaimed foodie, is inspired by ethnic cuisine. Her #FieldtoFork recipes featuring the venison and wild game she has personally harvested can be found on and her blog. She is also featured on the NRA Women’s Network’s Love at First Shot web series in a wild game cooking episode. When she isn’t shooting Julie is snapping photos, hunting and sharing her own #fieldtofork recipes.

Mule Deer

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