Thanks + Giving for Kidney Disease – A Cause Near & Dear

I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving – a wonderful husband, delightful daughter, amazing family, great friends, the support of awesome companies – SO much to be thankful for. I am especially thankful for my parents. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for my mom and dad. Both my parents have been incredibly supportive, but it was my dad who introduced me to the world of competition shooting and hunting.

I wasn’t just his daughter growing up, I was my dad’s buddy. We traveled to matches together in a little camper. We designed, set up and worked stages at everything from local matches to major competitions. We launched arrows into a straw target after school before deer season and then walked quietly into the woods each fall.

Dad’s passion for hunting and shooting goes above and beyond the weekend warrior. When I was very young, his efforts in the field put food on our table for the year. He was the person who patiently taught me how to line up the sights and squeeze the trigger. He volunteered at countless local matches, served as a Section Coordinator and worked as a Match Director at many prestigious shooting tournaments. His love of these sports and the people who compete and work in them is truly special.

I’ve had such a memorable shooting season and my parents have been with me every step of the way. Dad is always glued to the computer for any sign of results whenever I compete, but now the chance to travel far from home to watch me shoot is more than a simple challenge. Worse than that though, my parents’ freedom to visit their granddaughter, my little one, many states away was tough enough before…

This year my dad was diagnosed with kidney disease. Both he and my mom have been pretty stoic about it. Where other people would rage against the thought of dialysis, my parents have accepted it and made the best of it. I admire them so much for that.

It’s hard realizing your parents are getting older. Add to that serious health issues, it’s more than sobering. Time becomes even more precious. Thank goodness for email, Flickr and Skype! With all this comes the feeling that I need to do something so I’ve already set a date to walk in the National Kidney Foundations’s (NKF) 2012 Billings Walk next June. The NKF is a foundation dedicated to those who face challenges with kidney disease and to promoting awareness.

If you know my dad, Peter Goloski, or someone who has suffered from kidney disease, please consider making a donation. I hope to help raise $1000.00 for the National Kidney Foundation in honor of someone who is so special to me and to help raise awareness about this disease. I realize that economic times are tough and that not everyone is able to donate.  There are other ways to show support like joining the walk and my team “Take Aim.” Can’t make it to Billings? The NKF offers information about walks in other states as well. You can also follow and support us online.

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