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SHOOT Tip: How I Get Into Prone #likeagirl


I just wrote another shooting tip for Women’s Outdoor News on how to get into prone quickly. In shooting sports like NRA Action Pistol you are allowed to shoot from prone. This position lets you to set your handgun directly on the ground, greatly increasing your stability and ability to shoot accurately. The time constraints in […]

SHOOTing Tip: 5 ways to improve trigger finger strength at The WON


Want to learn how to shoot guns with a heavy trigger pull? In my most recent post at Women’s Outdoor News I list five simple ways to get your finger pumped for shooting: Put away the ammo and start dryfiring Get SIRTified Try a double action work out with a revolver Add grip strengthening exercises to your regimen […]

10 Ways to keep up with the latest from SHOT Show


Can’t make it to SHOT Show? Let the show come to you! From official communications by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, live streaming from the Smith & Wesson booth and video updates from the Firearms Radio Network, here are some neat ways you can keep up with the latest from the show floor. 10 Fun Ways […]

JulieG 017 – Shooting Sport Trending and Team Smith & Wesson

JGR 017 - Trending and Team S&W

Are the shooting sports evolving? Are competitors specializing? Tune in to this episode of JulieG Radio as Julie welcomes the newest member of Team Smith & Wesson, Randi Rogers, and discusses Team’s strategy for competing and winning in the various action shooting disciplines. LISTEN TO THE SHOW What’s on this episode of JulieG Radio Hunting […]

Tapping into the Prois Connection & Girl Power

Prois Hunting & Field Apparel

I am a total newbie when it comes to hunting elk but boy do I have some awesome connections! From experienced Prois Pro-Staffers to my friend Alex Burke who knows the area as good as anyone, I am so fortunate to be able to draw from their hunting knowledge and expertise. I got some great […]

Gun Girl Radio – Gun Girls Get a GRIP® Part II

GGP-027 - Gun Girls Get a GRIP 2

With Randi doing her best at the USPSA Nationals, I brought in a special guest for Gun Girl Radio this week, Nikki Turpeaux of Archangel Tactical! I have been looking forward to catching up with Nikki after she invited me down to Georgia to be the Guest of Honor at the Archangel Tactical Anniversary Event last month. […]

Gun Girl Radio – Gun Girls Get a GRIP

GGP 025 - Get A GRIP

Gun Girl Radio hits the road this week! Team Smith & Wesson’s Julie Golob attended the 2nd Annual Get a GRIPTM Anniversary Event Weekend presented by Archangel Tactical where she interviewed talented and influential women of the shooting and outdoor industry. Making appearance as the Guest of Honor at the event, Julie also took the […]

Gun Girl Radio – NRA Show & Single Stack Nationals

GGP 018 - NRA SSN Recap

When the new baby arrived I took a little time off from Gun Girl Radio and after a few weeks it’s great to be back on the show! ICYMI here are links to the last two episodes with Randi Rogers, Jake Challand and special guest, Britney Starr from Women’s Outdoor News. GGP 016 – 2013 […]

Hot Caliber Launches Huntress Line In Time for Valentines Day

Hot Caliber Huntress

I have to say when I first heard about Hot Caliber’s new jewelry for the huntress, I was giddy. Having a few pieces in my jewelry box already I was excited to see what the pro-gun company would come up with. Not only was Hot Caliber setting its sights on hunting and the outdoors, it […]

Link ❤ & #GirlsGunGetaway

JulieG & the 50 cal

This installment of link ❤ is all about the #GirlsGunGetaway! You may have seen this post by Gracie of and I’ve mentioned it here too. For my recap of the GGG, I put together a montage of favorite photos and video clips I was able to capture with my camera and Midland XTC’s. It’s actually pretty hard […]

Girls Gun Getaway – Guest Post by Packing Pretty


I had planned to write up a piece on the backstory of my recent trip down to Missouri to meet up with a group of female gun bloggers for a weekend of fun with guns, but couldn’t have said it better than Gracie McKee, Editor in Chief of  She graciously gave me the OK to […]

Just Because It’s June – Week 3 (plus other awesome giveaways)

Just Because It's June Giveaway - Week 3 Prize Pack

Just because it’s June, it’s time for another giveaway! For week one it was a schnazzy Smith & Wesson hat. In the second week a lucky winner scored a set of suh-weet Benelli Tumblers. For week three I am offering even more, a prize pack from Safariland and Smith & Wesson! In Just Because It’s June’s […]

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