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IDPA Indoor Nationals with Pro Tip on Shooting USA


The Shooting USA crew has put together yet another outstanding show from the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals. This episode is jam-packed with competition coverage, an interview with the lovely and talented Katie Pavlich and a tip from yours truly. Stages with multiple moving targets and unique starts can be especially challenging for competitors. […]

JulieG Radio 019 – 5 Tips to Help Improve Your IDPA Scores


One of the fastest growing shooting sports, International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) events feature dynamic, defensive scenarios. IDPA is handgun sport that stresses both speed and accuracy and it can be a challenge for competitors to know how to balance these and other skills. With the competition season kicking off with Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor […]

ICYMI – The Shooter’s Mindset [VIDEO]

HUGE thank you to Anthony, Dustin and Kelli of The Shooter’s Mindset for inviting me on the show! I had a wonderful time talking about guns, different shooting sports, training, women specific concerns, concealed carry and more. I wish my internet connection was a bit better, but the sound seems to have come through ok. In […]

Shooting While Pregnant – An eBook Resource for Expecting Moms

Shooting While Pregnant - eBook Resource for Expecting Moms

It’s a question I am often asked as a mom who spends a lot of time on the range — should I shoot while I am pregnant? It inspired me to share my discoveries in a podcast on the topic, and now an eBook. There is not a wealth of information out there on the […]

Gun Girl Radio: Gun Girls Winter Shooting Fun

GGP 033 - Gun Girls Winter Shooting Fun

Dekalb, IL – With the cold weather all over the nation, this week’s episode of Gun Girl Radio is all about winter time shooting. Tune is as hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob share their tips, tricks and suggestions for making productive range time even in the coldest weather. Growing up in Colorado Randi Rogers trades stories […]

Gun Girl Radio – Gun Girls and Their Favorite Plates

GGP 032 - Gun Girls Favorite Plates

Dekalb, IL – It’s all about plates in this episode of Gun Girl Radio and we’re not talking steel targets, but rather favorite food dishes! Tune in as hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob take a break from guns and shooting and share what they love to eat both on and off the range. As […]

JulieG 018 – 2013 IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals

JGR 018 - 2013 IDPA BUG Nationals

Episode 18 of JulieG Radio kicks off with a little catch up, hunting stories from the season and my adventures in venison sausage making before jumping into the main topic, the IDPA Back Up Gun (BUG) National Championships. A premiere event hosted by Smith & Wesson, tune in as I share insight on the competition, my […]

What Women Want – Panel Discussion at the 2014 SHOT SHOW

2014 SHOT Show - Too Good to Miss

Retailers! Here’s your chance to get the low down on effective ways to market to the growing number of women interested in guns, gear and more! I am so honored to be included among this incredibly talented and knowledgable panel of women. We’ll be packing the hour with great information on how to get ladies […]

JulieG 016 – Stage Breakdown Tips, USPSA NRS

JGR 016 - Stage Breakdown Tips

Struggle with deciding the best way to shoot a stage in USPSA competition? In this episode of JulieG Radio, I describe my plan for analyzing stages and I break down each of the stages at the recent 2013 USPSA Northern Rockies Section Championship. Listen to the Show What’s on this episode of JulieG Radio NRA […]

Gun Girl Radio – Do Girls Clean Guns?

GGP-023 Girls Clean Guns

DeKalb, IL - Do the women of Gun Girl Radio clean their own guns? In this episode Randi Rogers of Comptac Victory Gear and Team Smith & Wesson’s Julie Golob get into the nit-n-gritty of their gun cleaning regimen. Discover what Julie and Randi keep in their gun cleaning kits, how often they clean their firearms […]

My Little One’s First Shots

My Little One's First Shots

June 15th was National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day (NTYDTTRD), a movement to encourage women, young and old, to get out there and give shooting a try. Earlier this year I blogged about how my Munchkin received her first rifle for her birthday. After working with her on understanding firearm safety, we felt she […]

Gun Girl Radio – Summertime Shooting Tips

GGP 020 - Summer Shooting Tips

Advice on how to beat the heat in this new episode of Gun Girl Radio! After catching up on the past two weeks, Randi and I share tips on staying hydrated, what to pack when heading to the range and more. Have a listen to Episode 20 of Gun Girl Radio! Learn more about this […]

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