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Video – 2012 USPSA Area 1 Championships

The 2012 USPSA Area 1 Championships in St. George, UT featured 12 fun and exciting courses of fire. I was glad to have the chance to shoot this match and it served as a warm up for the USPSA Single Stack Nationals just one week later. I brought the Midland XTC out to the range […]

2012 USPSA Single Stack Nationals & Mother’s Day

2012 USPSA Single Stack National Ladies National Champion - Photo Courtesy of Paul Hyland

Last week I competed at the USPSA Single Stack Nationals hosted by PASA Park in Barry, IL.  This match is a single division event and that means everyone shoots division approved model 1911’s and appropriate gear.  Over 300 competitors, including 38 grandmaster and master class level shooters, took aim on the 14 challenging courses of […]

Match Report Infographic – 2012 USPSA Area 1 Championships

JulieG Infographic - 2012 USPSA Area 1 Championships

I had a wonderful time competing in the USPSA Area 1 Championships in St. George, UT a couple of weeks ago. Phenomenal facility, excellent officiating and a super fun match!  I had the opportunity to shoot with a great group of squad mates too.  I used new my two-tone Ionbond Smith & Wesson Pro Series 9mm 1911 […]

2011 USPSA Single Stack Nationals Re-Cap

Photo courtesy of Beth Cowgill,

After weeks of travel and dodging flooding at home, I am finally getting a chance to get caught up on my match mania re-caps. First up, the USPSA Single Stack Nationals (SSN)! This is one of my favorite matches. You might think all USPSA matches have a similar feel, but the stages at the Single […]

2010 USPSA Single Stack Nationals

2010 USPSA Single Stack Ladies National Champion - Julie G

It is difficult to put into words what it means to me to win my 10th USPSA Ladies National Title.  Returning to the match circuit last year after taking time off to have my daughter, I tried not to put too much pressure on myself to win. My goal was to give my best and […]

Area 6 Video Up and in HD!

Options for lower resolution are available to the right of the volume button on the video menu bar.

First Major Match of the Year – USPSA Area 6 Championships

Area 6 Single Stack Ladies Champion - Julie Golob, Photo Courtesy of Marla Hendrix

It was a whirlwind of a weekend! Area 6 was my first major match of the year. With only a week and half of shooting since the IDPA Nationals last September, my goal at this match was to shake off the cobwebs. Let me tell you there were a lot of them!  I got in […]

Gun Glam: Pete Single S&W Pro Series 9mm 1911

S&W Pro Series 9mm 1911 - Stock Stainless & Pete Single Custom, Ion Bond Black

Pete Single is one super talented metal smith.  Last year I had the chance to check out some of his handiwork in his shop and was just amazed.  Pete’s attention-to-detail make his guns functional works of art. A true master of machinery, Pete’s understanding of math and measurement allow him to build firearms that are […]