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Independence Day – #Freedomface


Reading all the stuff in the news, living in this “unwonderful” temporary apartment for the past couple of months, and getting stoked for Independence Day tomorrow makes me want to throw my hands in the air and yell out, in epic Braveheart style glory… FREEEEEEEEEEDOOOOMMMM!!!!! Wouldn’t it be awesome if social media posts went viral with people sharing […]

Valentines Day Candy Heart Trick Shot [VIDEO]

JulieGTV Valentines Day Trick Shot

Happy Valentines Day! I had a little fun, Impossible Shot style! Watch me take a shot at a candy heart with my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield with Warren Tactical Sights and ASYM 115 gr. 9mm, cleaned and ready to go with RAND CLP.

10 Fun Facts About Missouri

Missouri is… Known as the Show Me State Where Mark Twain’s had many adventures Proud to call the honey bee the state insect Home to the NRA Bianchi Cup Where Scott Joplin pounded keys Known for extreme weather, especially severe thunderstorms and tornadoes Surrounded by eight states Where the ice cream cone was invented Pronounced […]

Shooting an AK-47 for the First Time [Video]


The Inventor Last month Mikhail Kalashnikov passed away at the age of 94. A man who began his life as the son of a peasant farmer, he had a knack for fixing farm equipment that eventually led to a decorated military career and recognition as one of the great arms designers. He is widely known […]

Snapshot: You know its cold when you have to do this

Snapshot: #pluggedin #montanastyle Gonna be cold tonight! #brr

Plugged in, Montana style! Been getting a kick out of all the comments from friends who live in the south and southwest on this photo of the engine warmer for the truck. It was a not so balmy two degrees this morning with a windchill at around -15. Colder weather is still to come and […]

Snapshot: Champion Shooter in the Making? #fasthands

Snapshot: #fasthands #feedtheyeti #babygirl #babylife

OK. So, I might be a “little” biased, but take a look at these fast hands! If my little yeti is that quick with a spoon, think of how blazing she could be on the draw, the lightning speed of her mag changes, the blur-wind (my word) of her stuffing shells into the Benelli… Hmm. […]



Had a little Halloween shooting fun on the range with my S&W M&P Shield and the Nikon. Here are my two favorite shots, bwah ha ha ha ha ha! Be safe and have fun out there everyone!  

Blast from the Past #TBT – A Big Old Pile of Leaves

Fall leaves!

There’s really nothing quite like autumn in the northeast. From the brilliant crimsons, bright golds and flaming oranges (my fav) of leaves at their peak to the crisp smell after they have fallen, it’s one of things I miss most from living in New York. I remember hours of fun as a kid, raking them up, making […]

Product Feature – Future Champ T-Shirts & Onesies

Julie Golob - Future Champion

With the IDPA Nationals wrapping up and the USPSA Handgun Nationals kicking off this week, I have matches on the brain. You won’t see my name up in the scores this year, but I’m already looking ahead to the future. Though I am a tad bit partial, I found the perfect little model for these […]

#TBT Blast from the Past – MTV and the USAMU


I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning when I can. Yes, I know it is no longer spring and summer is almost over, but such is life with a baby at home. I came across a whole pile of old VHS tapes that I have been saving over the years and decided to […]

Taking a Shot at the Super Moon

Super Moon 2013

If it has a trigger, I want to shoot it. Last weekend I braved the gigantic vampire mosquito hoard and went outside with my new camera (Nikon D5200 with 55-300 mm Nikkor DX VR Zoom Lens) and Manfroto tripod with pistol grip head to take a shot at the super moon. A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or […]

Blast from the Past – From Steel Targets to Zombies

On the range with Michael Rooker

Any Merle Dixon fans here? Though I appreciated Michael Rooker’s acting talents in the 90’s, I became a true fan long before he was battling zombies on AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead.  I’m throwing it back this Thursday to the 2006 Steel Challenge where I had the chance to meet the one and only […]

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