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Independence Day – #Freedomface


Reading all the stuff in the news, living in this “unwonderful” temporary apartment for the past couple of months, and getting stoked for Independence Day tomorrow makes me want to throw my hands in the air and yell out, in epic Braveheart style glory… FREEEEEEEEEEDOOOOMMMM!!!!! Wouldn’t it be awesome if social media posts went viral with people sharing […]

Looking Back – 10 Favorite Moments of 2013

Photo highlights from 2013

What a year! First off, to everyone who follows my shooting and this blog, I so appreciate your support! Even with taking a year off from the competition circuit to welcome a new little one to my family, I feel like I have been able to stay connected to the shooting world and it just […]

Munchkin’s letter to Santa

Munchkin at Christmas

This photo is from a few years ago and it’s one of my all time favorites. What a blessing it is to witness the magic of Christmas through the eyes of children! I just love reliving the excitement of my childhood through my little ones. Dear Santa, How are you doing? I love you. Can I please have […]

Gun Girl Radio: Gun Girls Winter Shooting Fun

GGP 033 - Gun Girls Winter Shooting Fun

Dekalb, IL – With the cold weather all over the nation, this week’s episode of Gun Girl Radio is all about winter time shooting. Tune is as hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob share their tips, tricks and suggestions for making productive range time even in the coldest weather. Growing up in Colorado Randi Rogers trades stories […]

ICYMI: I got to shoot a tank on Impossible Shots!

Julie Shoots Fireworks on Impossible Shots

You read that headline right, I did shoot a tank for the show… In case you missed it, my fireworks extravaganza with the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield airs tonight on the Outdoor Channel’s Impossible Shots. Watch me shoot July 4th favorites like the tank, smoke bombs and sparklers. From the show page: Shooting USA’s […]

Holiday Shopping: A Few of My Favorite Things

Nightforce Spotting Scope

It’s that time of year! I love looking at gift guides to spark ideas for Christmas shopping and so I thought I would share some of my own. Here’s last year’s guide as well as a few more of my favorite things. A must have for the wild game fan, I love my Weston Meat Grinder! If […]

Gun Girl Radio – Gun Girls and Their Favorite Plates

GGP 032 - Gun Girls Favorite Plates

Dekalb, IL – It’s all about plates in this episode of Gun Girl Radio and we’re not talking steel targets, but rather favorite food dishes! Tune in as hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob take a break from guns and shooting and share what they love to eat both on and off the range. As […]

JulieG 018 – 2013 IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals

JGR 018 - 2013 IDPA BUG Nationals

Episode 18 of JulieG Radio kicks off with a little catch up, hunting stories from the season and my adventures in venison sausage making before jumping into the main topic, the IDPA Back Up Gun (BUG) National Championships. A premiere event hosted by Smith & Wesson, tune in as I share insight on the competition, my […]

2013 SHOOT Holiday Bookmark Offer

2013 SHOOT Holiday Bookmark Offer

Stumped for gift ideas this holiday season? Want to introduce a friend or family member to firearms and gun safety? Looking to share your passion for the shooting sports with a special someone? Or maybe you’re looking for a bit of winter reading material to get you motivated for the 2014 competition season? Check out […]

Free Shipping Offer & PRO-GUN now in long sleeves!

PRO GUN Long Sleeve Shirts

Just in time for the holidays, PRO-GUN t-shirts are now available in long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies! In men’s and women’s styles, from petal pink to classic grey, black and blue, show your Second Amendment pride in clothing suitable for winter’s chilly temperatures. Plus, order two or more items using the coupon code 2FREESHIP […]


Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for… Family It’s one word that means so much. Between my parents and siblings, extended family and now the family I have of my own, I am one lucky woman. Being a daughter and sister has been pretty easy thanks to my mom and dad (love you guys). Being a mother? Now […]



Had a little Halloween shooting fun on the range with my S&W M&P Shield and the Nikon. Here are my two favorite shots, bwah ha ha ha ha ha! Be safe and have fun out there everyone!  

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