#SHOOTTip: How To Deal With Pressure

It doesn’t matter if you’re run-n-gunnin’ or setting your sights on that perfect 10x, as a shooter you’ll likely feel pressure to perform at some point.  Beyond mastery of shooting fundamentals, a solid mental game is what will keep you in the hunt no matter the target. This week’s shooting tip is all about dealing with pressure.

Most people associate being nervous with something bad because those jitters can feel both foreign and uncomfortable. The more you put yourself in pressure cooker situations and the more you challenge yourself, the more familiar you become with these sensations. Experience is a great teacher and provides practice for overcoming feelings of doubt or pressure.

In a recent interview for Federal Premium’s Premium Moments, I explain four simple steps I follow to keep my nerves under control.

  1. Accept
  2. Believe
  3. Be grateful
  4. Breathe

Read the full article “Grace Under Fire” on how accepting nervous tension, believing in yourself, being thankful and taking some deep breaths can keep you focused and help you reach your shooting goals. Follow the steps and go beyond your improving just your shooting skills, train your mental game too.

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