#SHOOTTip – Flexibility When It Matters

I just uploaded another breakdown video from the 2017 USPSA Optics Nationals to my Youtube Channel. It’s funny how in the short and “simple” stages in practical shooting can be get complicated quickly. Stage 11, “Connect the Dots” was one of them…

This week’s shooting tip Tuesday ties in well with my Stage 11 video. The day before the competition when I walked the stages, I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to shoot this stage based on my ability level. I also knew that until I saw the activators and moving targets in action, I couldn’t wed myself to a specific plan. The next morning it became even more obvious as I stepped to the line for my run.

Even though I felt confident about my shooting ability and target to target transition speed, the glaring sun changed everything. Being my first stage of the nationals, a poor performance could set the tone for the match. I went from wanting to burn it down to simply ensuring I had no misses.

It’s a good practice to check out stages and have an idea of how you want to shoot them, but you also need to be flexible. You may discover a new, faster way to shoot a stage or, like with “Connect the Dots,” you may need to adjust your plan drastically. Sunlight, rain and mud, fatigue, equipment issues and more can affect you and your performances. The best shooters are flexible and know how to adapt and overcome for top results.


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  • Trijicon RMR 06
  • Federal Premium American Eagle 147
  • Safariland ELS rig with 5198, 771 & 773
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