Proud Mommy Moment: Our Mother/Daughter Hair Donation

Q: What’s over five feet long and grows in increments of 10+ inches?
A: My hair donations to Locks of Love over the years!

My previous donation marked my fifth to the organization. I made it back in December of 2009 and I have been growing it since. I have to say all the prenatal vitamins seemed to have kicked my follicles into overdrive over the past few months and the timing for this contribution couldn’t be better. It just so happens that the Munchkin’s hair has been growing fast too.

We have talked about donating our hair a number of times and my little one has always seemed excited about the idea. She has such a giving nature and often offers to give old toys to “a little boy or girl who don’t have any.”  Giving up the toys she no longer plays with is one thing. Cutting off a nearly a foot of hair is quite another. Last week when I asked her if she was ready, she assured me it was what she wanted to do.

I made an appointment at the local salon and before heading there Thursday afternoon we brought out the ruler, shears and set up my computer to record the moment for my family.  First we made our hair into pig tails. Next we measured it and then it was time to make the big cuts.  I admit, I was worried there would be tears and made sure to explain that there was no going back. To my surprise Munchkin giggled the whole time. Afterwards we made our way to the hair dresser to get fixed up and styled, something she enjoyed very much.

I can’t tell you how much it means to be able to share that experience with her. We donated something of ourselves to someone special in need. That fact that the munchkin wanted to give with me makes me beyond proud.  We had so much fun and, though she probably doesn’t realize what an effect the act of giving can have now, I hope she is able to look back on this moment and feel as much pride as I do.

Munchkin’s new do is adorable! Because I am a super protective mommy, I won’t be posting any photos of her though.  Please take my word for it and have a look at my before and after…

Locks of Love - Before & After

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