#NRACameronCup Video Part 2: The Practical


Continuing with my NRA Cameron Cup coverage is another short video clip from the Practical Event. The only stage that requires one-handed shooting, support hand only, the Practical also features the longest distance. Shooters fire at two targets from the 10, 15, 25 and 50 yard lines. Time limits range from 3 to 15 seconds.

My Open Division Smith & Wesson Performance Center Pro Series 9mm 1911 has a prone pad. It’s  basically an oversized mag well. This addition comes in handy when I go prone at the 25 and 50 yard lines. It allows me to set the gun on the ground and ensures my Aimpoint Micro T-1 red dot lines up perfectly on the 4-inch x-ring. Stay tuned for more from the match!

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