NRA Women Hits Mainstream with NEW ENERGY #Video Trailer

At this year’s SHOT Show the NRA Women’s Network was on site filming and I was honored to be included among the group of talented women interviewed. The finished product is beyond anything I expected and I am extremely excited to share the NEW ENERGY Trailer.

NRA Women NEW ENERGY - Julie Golob


Yahoo News

Meet the Fresh Female Faces of the NRA Who Are Fighting for America’s Gun Rights


The National Rifle Association re-launched its online NRA Women channel, hoping to boost female membership among “armed and fabulous” women interested in using  firearms for recreation, sport, and protection. The new channel, NRAWomen.TV, has posted a trailer introducing “fresh faces of the NRA who are making a difference.”

The trailer features several female gun enthusiasts who are outspoken proponents of the Second Amendment and who no longer want “to be pigeonholed into one category of a gun-owner.”

The Blaze

Seeking to give female gun owners a platform where they can make their voices heard, the National Rifle Association has relaunched its NRA Women channel.

Using the theme of “new energy,” the NRA Women channel features women in shooting sports who are passionate as gun owners and believe anti-gun advocates and members of the media need to be educated on firearm

The Daily Mail

The dramatic trailer ends with the tag line: ‘We are competitors, we are mothers, we are business owners, we are hunters, we are enthusiasts, we are teachers, we are the face of the American gun owner. We are the NRA. NRA Women’s Network.’

Updated 5/8/2013


NRA seeks to highlight its ‘armed and fabulous’ women


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