My Top 10 Facebook Posts of 2015

Here are my 10 most liked Facebook posts from 2015.

10. Channeling the 20’s with a lovely hat and bold lip for the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals.

I call it the chauffeur’s daughter look. Having fun with the 1920s theme at the Smith & Wesson Corp. IDPA #bugnationals2015

Posted by Julie Golob on Sunday, November 8, 2015


9. Playing peekaboo with my new Smith & Wesson Model 929.

You know that feeling you get when you handle a dream gun? I sooo got it! I just got my Smith & Wesson Corp….

Posted by Julie Golob on Tuesday, April 28, 2015


8. American Sniper

Dear Bradley Cooper, though you didn’t bring home an #Oscar tonight, please know millions appreciate & thank you for your talent and dedication to American Sniper. #AmericanSniper #Oscars2015

Posted by Julie Golob on Sunday, February 22, 2015


7. My I-hope-my-husband-doesn’t-kill-me-because-I-bought-chickens-and-a-coop look.

This is my “I’m about to do something bad” face. But hey… It’s my birthday week, right!?!

Posted by Julie Golob on Wednesday, June 24, 2015


6. April Fool’s Blue

Decided to do something a bit wacky for me yesterday and went from brunette to Smith & Wesson Corp. bluenette. What do think?

Posted by Julie Golob on Wednesday, April 1, 2015


5. Haters gonna hate. Trolls gonna troll.

It seems strange that I have to post this, but as I approach a whopping 85K likes here, I want to make some things…

Posted by Julie Golob on Sunday, October 25, 2015


4. My favorite flowers – Federal Premium HST blooms!

Aren’t they pretty!? Fresh out of the gel, Federal Premium HST 9, 40 & 45 proof for carrying with confidence, no matter the caliber.

Posted by Julie Golob on Thursday, June 4, 2015


3. Banning ammo is NOT the answer.

“No police officer has ever been shot and killed with a so-called ‘armor piercing’ bullet fired from a handgun that…

Posted by Julie Golob on Monday, March 2, 2015


2. Proud to have served.

20 years ago I hugged my mom and dad goodbye to become a soldier in the U.S. Army. It was never easy, but I am thankful…

Posted by Julie Golob on Wednesday, November 11, 2015


1. A special anniversary!

A special day for me. 20 years ago today, I became a soldier and headed to Ft. McClellan, AL for basic training &…

Posted by Julie Golob on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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