Mile High Showdown Win & Women Of USPSA Update

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Things have been crazy this month coming back from the Steel Challenge. Kippi Leatham and I had a girls weekend out for the Mile High Showdown in Ault, CO.  I wish I had more time to recap the match, but in a nutshell it was a wonderful warm up for the USPSA Nationals.  A big thank you to all the RO’s and Match Director Jerry Westcott for putting on such a fun and challenging match.  I even enjoyed the 65 yard standards!  Of course it was great to see old friends too.  Congrats to Kippi who placed 2nd Overall in Limited-10! I had a pretty good match as well and finished High Lady in Production and 3rd Overall behind GM Ara Maljian and my fellow S&W teammate Gordon Carrell with my S&W M&P Pro.  I hope to post video from the match before I head out to the Nationals later on in the week.

So what’s been keeping me so busy? Well, I am very proud to share a project that I have been working on with Kippi and Sharyn Cohen. In just a few short weeks we have created – a site dedicated to celebrating the women of practical shooting.  In addition to bios of some of the top names in the sport, we are also on Facebook and Twitter. We’re adding posts on the Women of USPSA Blog of some of this year’s major matches for our Road to the Nationals coverage.  What else? For the first time ever, we will be streaming live video of the ladies race at the USPSA Open/Production Nationals in Las Vegas, NV.  I can’t thank Sharyn and Kippi enough for all their hard work.  Not only are they great shooters, but they are talented web technicians and wonderful ambassadors for the shooting sports.

Once you have seen all our sites, be sure to tune in to Gun Nuts Radio Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST.  I’m excited to be on the show again to chat with Caleb and Breda about how Women of USPSA got started and our Road to the Nationals coverage.

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