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Another exciting week! Women and guns is a topic that is definitely trending right now. It’s an exciting time and I am very proud to be affiliated with companies who already recognize the importance of getting women out to the range!

Women are definitely making some waves. Big news over the past couple of weeks included announcements from two talented ladies, Randi Rogers and Jessie Duff and their roles with new companies. I love all the positive buzz women are making in the industry! Barbara Baird of Women’s Outdoor News shared her insight on the subject.

Ladies, first, in the gun industry?
March 8, 2012 by Barbara Baird

“It was a big day in gun world this week, on March 7, when Julie Golob appeared on Top Guns. Julie, always poised under whatever pressure is thrown at her at the time, explained three competition guns made by the company she represents (Smith & Wesson), talked about the guns’  histories and capabilities and then, shot them to demonstrate the firepower and attributes.” Read more…

Speaking of Top Guns, the response from History Channel’s Top Shot and H2’s Top Guns has been incredible! I have been busy responding to many kind comments in email and on my social media accounts. Thanks bunches everyone!

Every week the NRA has an excellent recap of the show on their blog. I happen to love the mention in this one…


Here are links to the episodes I was featured in as the first ever female expert (yes, I am STILL smiling) for both shows. Full episodes are available online at (free and streaming) and iTunes (for purchase):

I was super excited to open up the NRA’s April issue of Shooting Illustrated and to see that Chip Lohman’s awesome review of SHOOT made the magazine on page 14. What’s not to love about that?

“This is a book the NRA should have published. Hats off to Julie Golob: National Action Pistol and Three-Gun Champion, holder of numerous records, former Army Athlete of the Year and Captain of the Smith & Wesson team. Who knew she could write too?” by Chip Lohman

For recent reviews of shoot, please also check out the page on my website SHOOT Reviews.

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