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It dawned on me the other day that though I share exciting links and updates on my facebook, twitter and such, I rarely post these things on my own blog! Shame on me for not sharing this stuff with all of you who subscribe and follow!

Smith & Wesson to Lock ‘n’ Load Fall Fashions

Finally, women can be armed without sacrificing style By Robert Klara

Though there are some errors in this article, the main one that I am not an in-house designer for Wild Things, I did have the wonderful opportunity to work with Wild Things designer Kim Pingaro on the line especially with regard to features that make this clothing conceal carry friendly. It has been exciting to help both Smith & Wesson and Wild Things with the project. I love the line and the clothing will also be featured in an upcoming Pro Tip on the Outdoor Channel’s Shooting USA.

For the full article please click here.

Girls and Guns… It’s a Social Thing

The Daily Caller is a 24-hour news site providing original reporting from an experienced team of professional reporters, thought-provoking commentary and breaking news. I have even had a few of my past blog posts featured there.

Girls and Guns… It’s a Social Thing by David Schoenberg talks about the growing trend, that women do indeed own guns and are getting social about it on the w.w.w.! I have shared links to coverage in Elle, Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines on my social media accounts on this very subject. I love that people are talking about this!

Making History on Top Shot & Top Guns

Boy this was a tough secret to keep, but I am thrilled to share that on Tuesday of this week I was the first female expert on the History Channel’s show Top Shot. I was brought in to teach how to shoot moving targets with the Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Series .40 for the elimination challenge. It was a wonderful experience and a great way to showcase the Smith & Wesson M&P. The NRA Blog has a fun re-cap of the show on their blog.

On Wednesday night I was also on H2’s Top Guns!  I had THE BEST TIME shooting three of my favorite Smith & Wesson’s, the Model 625, M&P .40 and Pro Series 9mm 1911 with talented shooters Maggie Reese, Brad Engmann and show host Colby Donaldson.

Gotta love History Channel for posting full episodes for both shows online at FOR FREE. You can also download them in both standard def and HD on iTunes for just a couple of bucks.

Top Shot
iTunes – Ep.4,  Crossbow Crossfire – Ep. 4

Top Guns
iTunes – Ep. 4, Pistol Power – Ep. 4

Shooting Sports USA Reviews SHOOT

Chip Lohman of the NRA’s Shooting Sports USA had some really nice things to say in his review of SHOOT.

“This is a book the NRA should have published. Hats off to Julie Golob: National Action Pistol and Three-Gun Champion, holder of numerous records, former Army Athlete of the Year and Captain of the Smith & Wesson team. Who knew she could write too?”

I love  this review. Thank you, Chip and Shooting Sports USA! Read the full review here.

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