#LifeSkills: My 1st Cut & Learning to Use My Husqvarna Chainsaw [VIDEO]

Thanks to my dad I have never given in to the mindset of “that’s for boys or guys.” Because of it I am living my dream as a pro shooter. Now, this is not my usual shooting video, but chainsaws happen to be lot like guns! Safety gear and education are paramount with any dangerous tool.

Why chainsaws? Rest assured, I don’t plan to go full-time #LumberJulie, but for me it’s about self-reliance and life skills. Being able to use a chainsaw to cut firewood or remove a tree from the road is a valuable skill to have. That and it is pretty empowering.

Gear: Husqvarna 545 Chainsaw with 16″ bar, Rudy Project Rydon eye protection with my Husqvarna helmet with built-in ear protection and face screen. I am also wearing gloves, boots and Husqvarna chaps. We have a trauma kit on hand for emergencies.

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