LegallyArmedAmercia.TV Hosts Interactive Live Streaming Interview with Julie Golob #NRAAM2015

LegallyArmedAmerica.TV LIVE Interview & Q&A


Have you always wanted to attend the NRA Annual meeting, but could never find the time or means to do so?  Well, now you can catch all the action via LIVE video streaming including a LIVE video stream of Julie Golob at the NRAAM.  When you arrive at the webpage to watch the LIVE streaming, you will not only get to see the action live from Nashville, TN, but you’ll also have access to a LIVE chat room box where you can interact with other fans as the streaming is taking place.  You can even ask questions of Julie during the LIVE stream!  There will be giveaways from the folks at during the LIVE streaming, so be sure to stop by there and become a member.

Live streaming doesn’t end when the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits are over. “Legally Armed will periodically hit the road to live-stream shooting events and competitions across the nation as a way to help people who can’t be there to feel the thrill for themselves,” Glasco added.

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Thanks and we’ll see you LIVE April 10-12 from Nashville, TN!

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