Just a Typical Day at the Range with Jerry Miculek Shooting a World Record | JulieG.TV

Last week I had a front row seat for Smith & Wesson teammate, Jerry Micuek’s world record attempt with a modern sporting rifle. Jerry used his trusty S&W M&P15T for a play on his “STL – Share the Love Drill.”  The STL drill involves 3 IPSC style targets and Jerry starts from the low ready. At the buzzer he shoots the center target 4 times and then moves up to the upper A/B panel for 2 shots. He transitions to the right target to shoot 2 on it.  He then finishes up on the left target for a final 2 shots.

His goal for this SHOT Show Media Day Exhibition? The whole shebang under 2 seconds with hopes of busting out a time under 1.7 seconds. Yep, that’s 10 shots in under 1.7 seconds!

America’s First Freedom was there along with other wonderful gun media and bloggers excited to see Jerry do his thang and attempt a truly impressive feat of speed and marksmanship. Here’s my coverage of all the action…




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