JulieG 017 – Shooting Sport Trending and Team Smith & Wesson

Are the shooting sports evolving? Are competitors specializing? Tune in to this episode of JulieG Radio as Julie welcomes the newest member of Team Smith & Wesson, Randi Rogers, and discusses Team’s strategy for competing and winning in the various action shooting disciplines.

JGR 017 - Trending and Team S&W


What’s on this episode of JulieG Radio

Main Topic – The Specialization Trend in Shooting Sports and Team Smith & Wesson

  • Episode 17 main topic is based on an email question from Eric H.
  • Why shooters are specializing in one sport/division
  • Team Smith & Wesson – Revolver Squad
  • The Miculek Family – 3-Gun Domination
  • Doug Koenig and son Trevor – Action Pistol, Steel Challenge, The Masters and hunting
  • Divide and conquer strategy with Randi Rogers in the women’s category with the Smith & Wesson M&P
  • USPSA’s dedicated national championship plan
  • IDPA’s multiple national level matches where all divisions are represented
  • Steel Challenge, IDPA, ICORE
  • The growth of Production in IPSC

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