2011 IPSC World Shoot Team USA Members Announced #Video

How exciting! USPSA President Michael Voigt announced the members of the Team USA last week and stated the following on the USPSA website.

“I would like extend my sincere appreciation to all the talented shooters that applied to represent USPSA at World Shoot XVI. Selecting the final team roster was difficult, due the extremely talented pool of applicants and having just four slots per team. The selections are based on performance, experience, sportsmanship, individual and team preferences. I join the more than 19,000 members of USPSA in congratulating those named to these USPSA teams, and again thank all the talented shooters that applied for a spot on Team USA. Your commitment, obvious pride and desire to represent the U.S. is awesome!” – Michael Voigt

1. JJ Racaza     2. Max Michel     3. KC Eusebio     4. Chris Tilley

1. Travis Tomasie     2. Emanuel “Manny” Bragg     3. Blake Miguez     4. Taran Butler

1. Robert Vogel     2. Matthew Mink     3. Ben Stoeger 4. Phil Strader

Juniors Open:
1. Ben Thompson    2. Nicholas Neel     3. Blake Manning    4. Shane Coley

Ladies Open:
1. Rebecca Jones     2. Megan Francisco     3. Athena Lee    4. Kay Miculek

Lady Standard:
1. Randi Rogers 2. Lisa Munson     3. Tori Nonaka     4. Carina Burns Randolph

Lady Production:
1. Julie Golob   2. Kippi Leatham   3. Maggie Reese   4. Tasha Hanish

1. Jerry Miculek 2. Cliff Walsh   3. Mike Carmoney    4. Patrick Sweeney

1. Jojo Vidanes 2. Michael Voigt   3. Rob Leatham 4. Barry Dueck

Senior Standard:
1. Robert Novak   2. Steve Miguez    3. Mark Quinn    4. Paul Clark Sr.

Senior Open:
1. Johnny Brister     2. Bernie McHugh     3. Mike Pelissier     4. Brian Smith

Team Smith & Wesson is WELL represented in four divisions: Kay Miculek – Women’s Open, Jerry Miculek – Revolver, Phil Strader – Production and I made the Women’s Production Team. Team Safariland can also boast a great turn out with eight shooters. Rob Leatham, Mike Voigt and Barry Dueck made the Modified Team. Randi Rogers is representing in Standard. The ENTIRE Women’s Production Team is also Team Safariland and is comprised of Kippi Leatham, Maggie Reese, Tasha Hanish and me.

I am so honored to be representing the United States with these amazing shooters. Indeed, the U.S. Team is brimming with talent and my congrats go out to each member. I am also excited that, for the first time, there will be three official women’s team – Open, Standard and Production! Check out the sizzler video posted to Women of USPSA’s You-Tube Channel featuring all the women selected…

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