Check out my interview on the new VidPro Studio Podcast

There’s a new podcast in town! The VidPro Studio Show with Meredith Marsh focuses on video on all the big social platforms. In this weekly podcast Meredith picks the brains of bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators of all types in pursuit of those often overlooked and underrated details that trigger audience growth and brand recognition online.

What does that mean for shooters? Well, so many of us share our passion for shooting and the shooting sports through video. It’s a great way to showcase all that safe and fun trigger pulling action, but if you’re looking to get sponsored or take your hobby to the next level, you need to check out this podcast.

“This podcast is designed to help you get over the hurdles that so often prevent online entrepreneurs and DIYers from actually DOING IT. Often, us Do It Yourself’ers settle for “not quite right, but I’ll live with it”. This podcast is here to teach you that you can not only Do It Yourself, You can do it well. Video, Blogging, Branding, Social Media… you can do it well, you can make it awesome, and you can win the internet.”

It was an absolute honor to be a guest on the show. Take it out for a test fire and have a listen. It’s available at and iTunes.

Julie Golob on the VidPro Studio Podcast

Being a one-woman show and shooting video with iPhones only w/Julie Golob, Professional Competition Shooter



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