#ImpossibleShots: How far can the M&P Shield Shoot? [Video]


An oldie but goodie! This might be one of my favorite shots for Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots on the Outdoor Channel. I just got my hands on a new M&P Shield in 9mm. Host Mike Irvine and I took it out on the range to see how far this little concealed carry wonder could shoot. One word sums it up for me – IMPRESSED! Here’s a teaser:

Watch the full episode tonight on the Outdoor Channel at 7:00 PM Eastern or if you’re up really late, 2:00 AM Eastern.

Curious about this super slim yet easy to control little 9mm? Check out my video on the non-microstamped California compliant model below and the full line of M&P Shields in 9mm and .40, both with and without thumb safeties at Smith-Wesson.com.

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