An Impossible Shots Birthday Surprise? Only On Outdoor Channel

Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me!

OK. So it’s not my birthday. That was back in June, but I had a lot of fun spending my special day on the range with the awesome crew of Impossible Shots shooting Annie Oakley’s famous shots, really far targets, tanks (yeah, I said tanks) and then Mike Irvine had a special birthday surprise for me. More on this brand spankin’ new episode from Shooting USA…

Impossible Shots – Flip of the Coin

This episode starts in Montana with the late Bob Munden and the legacy of Impossible Shots he’s left with us. Bob is flicking coins with his peace maker and making them spin like a top.  The shot is so impressive that Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton, has to try it too, and then try to double down on Bob’s shot.  Plus we turn the tables on Julie Golob with a surprise target for the unsuspecting birthday girl.

To be in the same episode as the Bob Munden is an honor. What an incredible talent and he will be sorely missed! Please tune in to this very special show with NEW TIMES.

Impossible Shots Show Times
Wednesday –  2:30 PM and 7:00 PM EST
Friday Night/Saturday Morning – 1:00 AM EST

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