Get to Goal Setting, Free Printable Goal Planner #VIDEO

I’ve used a number of different planners over the years. They certainly did the job, but they never quite had everything I was looking for. Last fall, I scoured the internet for planner options and discovered a whole new world of custom accessories and “Plan with Me” videos on Youtube. Whoa…

Watching these were fun, but I still needed a flexible option. As a professional shooter, I don’t have a typical job and I answer to many different bosses. Planning my time is CRITICAL. Not having an effective system means that I go full on work-a-holic mode and despite that, things still fall through the cracks. Not good.

A simple internet search for free calendar printables gave me a ton of options. Sites like and even prettier versions like the ones at Scattered Squirrel offer free PDF files you can print right from home. Not unlike the planners you can purchase online or at your local office store, these are a wonderful, inexpensive way to get your life in order.

I need more than the typical life planner though. Mine has to incorporate a way to write down my goals, evaluate my training and log events. Since I couldn’t find it, I decided to make it. I spent the month of December trying out different spreads and making checklists for all the things I wanted my planner to do. Then I got to work putting it together on my computer and while I was doing it all, I thought, why not share it?

But, Julie, aren’t you helping the competition?


Sure, I could plan my way to success, but why not help other shooters achieve their goals too? If there’s one thing I have learned in 25 years in the shooting sports, it’s that competition makes you better. Watch the video below to see how I set up my planner.

Download the planner for free on my shop with the coupon code GOALGETTER. Hit me up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let me know what you think! If you like it, share it too!


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