How to Fly with Firearms Part 1 & 2 with Women’s Outdoor News

I am very excited to share that I am an official Women’s Outdoor News (WON) blogger!  If you haven’t stopped over to the WON recently, you haven’t seen the newly designed site that features some of the most talented women in the outdoor, hunting and shooting industry.  While you’re there you can even subscribe to updates on the right hand side bar.

For my first two posts as a “WON Gun,” I wrote about flying with firearms.  Traveling with guns is a part of my job as a competitive shooter but it can be intimidating even to those who do it frequently. In Part 1 on the WON there are some tips on how to fly with firearms domestically.  Part 2 has information on what to do if you are bringing firearms with you, traveling to hunt or compete abroad.

I hope you enjoyed the posts and if you have topics that you would like me to blog about at the WON or here on my blog, please let me know!

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