Do you participate in a shooting sport? | JulieG.TV #video

A few weeks ago I was on a stage speaking to attendees of the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Industry Summit about the current state and potential future of the shooting sports . It was an awesome experience in so many ways. I wrote a little about it here on the blog too.

Minutes after I stepped off the stage, my phone blew up with notifications, questions and outrage. You see, media covering the event pulled a classic low and left miss in their coverage of my presentation. After reading I felt it important to jump on Facebook Live to talk about it. You can also watch it here…

Where some thrive on negativity and drama, I choose to look on the bright side of things. All this attention has sparked conversation about what’s working, what isn’t and how we can improve. So many people have reached out to me in a positive way proving yet again how incredible the shooting community is. I am still trying to catch up with everyone who has reached out.

In the video above I asked viewers if they would be interested in completing a survey. Based on the overwhelming response on social media, I contacted the NSSF to see if they would host one. They agreed! Please consider completing this brief survey about whether or not you are active in the shooting sports. Let’s work together to make our shooting sports thrive. For the NSSF survey please click here.

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