Competition Highlights from USPSA’s Revolver Nationals | JulieG.TV

I’ve been so good about posting two videos a week but alas, mother nature threw us for a loop with some flash flooding in the area resulting lots of water in our basement. My office is officially a WRECK but I did manage to put this video match montage from the 2016 United States Practical Shooting Association Revolver National Championships where I was able to bring home my 14th USPSA Ladies National Title.

Revolver shooting is not easy. That double action trigger pull isn’t exactly forgiving and neither are those reloads! Fortunately I shot the best set gun in the shooting sports for action packed revolver shooting, the Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 929. Mine features a set of custom Hogue Grips and their gas pedal cylinder release. I used that ever trusty Federal Premium American Eagle 147 gr. and of course, a Safariland ELS rig.

Hosted by PASA Park in Barry, IL, the match featured 14 courses of fire with a bit of everything — run and gun, accuracy intense stages, standard exercises, one-handed shooting and even low light conditions. My goal was to shoot an accurate, smooth match and other than one miss, I did just that. This is just my second USPSA Revolver Nationals and I can count the times I have competed with the revolver in practical shooting on one hand. A foundation of years of focusing on shooting fundamentals is what allowed me to take my 2nd Revolver Title over my Smith & Wesson teammates, decorated ladies and cowboy champion Randi Rogers and the First Lady of revolver shooting, the endearing Annette Aysen.

Of course, huge thanks to my sponsors who make it all happen for me. If you like these types of match videos, please let me know on social media or comment on my YouTube Channel. I love to hear what you think.

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