No live fire in this cold! -35 & Frozen Boiling Water #Video

It’s been a crazy year for weather. Places that very rarely see a snowflake flutter from the sky found inches on the ground. Winter storms have strained parts of the country that are equipped to handle snow and ice. Here in northeastern Montana we have definitely had our fair share of extremes. The local chatter is all about how close we are to surpassing the snowfall record for this area. It’s early February and people are already worried about spring floods.

It’s also been pretty darn chilly. How cold? -35 degrees with -56 windchill! Brrr! It was a real eye opener when our block heaters stopped working for our vehicles this week. Needless to say I won’t be doing much live fire training anytime soon in these kind of conditions. I did bundle up, braving the elements with a kettle of boiling water to try something out though…

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