Breaking Down the El Prez at 25 Yards #uspsaarea7 | JulieG.TV [VIDEO]

It’s a classic drill in practical and defensive shooting and the El Prez has seen many variations over the years. The most common version has a single shooting box with 3 targets set at 10 yards with 1 foot between each target. The shooter faces up range and at the buzzer, turns and then draws to engage each of the targets with 2 rounds each. They perform a mandatory reload and reengage them with 2 rounds each.

At the 2015 USPSA Area 7 Championships in Maine this year, the match staff stretched the distance and challenged shooters with a 25 yard version of the stage. In this week’s JulieG.TV video I break down how to shoot a successful El Prez at 25 yards with both full view video and first person perspective. The key things to remember:

  • Know where to aim on the targets based on your gun and how it is zeroed.
  • Be smooth! A smooth draw and reload will help you control those tough shots.
  • Focus on your sights. See that dot or front sight for every shot.

The next time you are at the range looking for a good drill to test your speed and accuracy, try the El Prez! You can test yourself by setting the targets long distance or even spread out the array to work on hard transitions. Throw in a no-shoot or hard cover for added challenge.

GEAR: Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P with Warren Tactical SightsFederal Premium American Eagle 147 gr. 9mm and Safariland ELS Rig with 5198 Holster and 771/773 Mag Pouches.

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