Beyond the Range: The Office Project – Colors and Paint

One thing that really excited me when we moved to Missouri was my home office. It’s taken a while to get to it, but I finally pulled out most of the boxes and have started to get to work on making it a productive work space.

I thought it would be fun to share the transformation.  Here’s a couple before pics.

office_project_before 2

office_project_before 1

Now I happen to like neutrals and buttery colored walls quite a bit, but for a my work space I want to feel inspired and motivated so I raided my nearest big box home improvement store for every sample shade of blue I could find.

Why blue? It’s not just because I love me my Smith & Wesson’s. Blue is calming, clean and it’s also known to stimulate confidence which I think is a great thing for work. Lighter blues are associated with health, tranquility and understanding while dark blue represents knowledge, power and integrity. Read more about the color blue.

I settled on two. I picked a deep, rich blue called and Star Spangled. I confess, the patriot in me was drawn not only to the color, but the name too. The other shade is a soft light blue called Smooth Sailing. It reminds me of summer skies and if I can’t be outside, then I want to be able to escape to a color that reminds me of the sky on a perfect day for shooting.

I wanted to create a yin – yang effect in my office so that, depending on my mood or project, I could face the color that worked best. So, two walls in Star Spangled and the other two in Smooth Sailing. Here’s the work in progress. Yes, it’s a mess and no, I am not done.


I know what you’re thinking. Yin-yang blues? It’s kinda crazy looking and I admit I thought the same thing after I got 2 coats of each color up. There’s a vision though. Stay with me!

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