Bet You Didn’t Know Santa RO’s! US IPSC Nationals Match Highlights #Video | JulieG.TV

I finally had a chance to go through the shooting footage from my last match of the year, the US International Practical Shooting Confederation National Championships! This event has been designated as a selection match for the IPSC World Shoot should US have the opportunity to send teams to France next year. It was also the most difficult shooting competition of the season and I wish I had shot a whole lot better. I competed in the Classic Division with my Smith & Wesson Performance Center 1911 with Federal Premium American Eagle 147 gr. 9mm and Safariland ELS Rig. Despite a rather disappointing 2nd place performance, I had such a great time shooting with an awesome squad. That and I got a hug from Santa!

A special thank you and shout out to John McClain. He helped me get some really fun footage. Many thanks also to my major sponsors Smith & Wesson, Federal Premium, TrijiconSafariland, Benelli and the NSSF for making it possible for me to attend.

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