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I get this question so often — how do I get my wife or girlfriend to hunt or shoot with me? Many women do find it more comfortable to learn from other women. Instead of pressuring her to go with you, consider helping her find female mentor or women’s group.

As the lead instructor for Love at First Shot, I develop training plans and teach shooting, but this season we also incorporated additional experienced instructors. Not only do I get to work with Erin, Jasmine and Natalie they also have other women they can connect with and confide in as they embark on their shooting journeys.

This week Erin and Maddy work with Judy Rhodes, the founder of DIVA WOW. DIVA WOW’s mission is to:

“Help, teach and support women worldwide in a women friendly, non-threatening, supportive environment. It is more than a shooting organization – it is a vehicle for educating women and youth about the outdoors and affords them opportunities for participation in all outdoor activities.”

I’ve had the pleasure of hunting with Judy and one of the things I love about her is how she’s able to both demonstrate and encourage effectively. Her style is focused and firm yet still full of fun. Like Erin and Maddy, so many women have benefited from her expertise and passion.

Gentlemen, if the persistent requests to go to the range has not led that special woman in your life to experience the wonderful world of shooting or if you are a woman and not sure where to start, try seeking out a qualified female mentor. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable teacher can be a catalyst and ultimately lead to enjoying shooting sports and hunting.

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