#AmericanSniper and the 2015 Academy Awards #Oscars2015

Last night was the first time I watched the Oscars in years. I did so in support of Chris Kyle’s family and our military. As I am up and about this morning prepping for the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals, I have a lot on my mind.

All through the night winners took to the stage to thank people and to make political statements. Whether it was immigration, teen/youth suicide, racism, wage equality or other cause, recipients had the chance to sound off on their personal platform while they stood in expensive tuxedos or dresses and glittering jewelry. Not only would they take home a party “favor” bag worth over $150K and a gold statue, they also boosted their wage demanding power for the future. #JobSecurity.

With their voices projected to millions through the television screen, winners spoke to an audience of peers. Peers all except for one that is. In the seats Taya Kyle, the picture of beauty and grace we think of during Oscar night, gripped her late husband’s dog tags. I can only imagine what must have been going through her mind, the widow of a man who served and saved so many.

Taya Kyle at the Oscars – Via US Weekly


Liam Neeson, stony faced with what appeared to be somber disinterest, presented the American Sniper​ story early in the night. An anti-gun hypocrite who has made millions with his poor gun handling skills on the big screen, read from the teleprompter with indifference. To say he was a poor choice to narrate the story is a huge understatement. #Disgraceful

American Sniper​ won a much deserved Oscar for Sound Editing, but was snubbed for Best Picture, Director and Actor despite the enormous box office success and rave reviews. It was a strong statement. Absent was the chance for a rousing call for awareness for PTSD, veteran suicide and the challenges our service members and their families face while they answer the call to serve this great nation.

It’s hard not to be disappointed, but there’s no reason to be bitter. Chris Kyle’s story has been told masterfully by Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper and every single person who took part in the making of American Sniper. Thank you for bringing it to us. Though recognition during Hollywood’s most glamorous night would have been satisfying, it is a story not about glamour and trophies, but one of love, sacrifice and heroism.  #AmericanHero

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