2010 Wyoming State Steel Challenge Recap & #Video

It’s Steel Challenge time! I had to make a last minute change to my schedule this month. All you parents out there know that when you have kids, everything changes!  I had hoped to attend the super fun Pro Am Championships in Tulsa, OK, but I could only be away Saturday and Sunday.  Fortunately for me, the Great Divide Shooting Club in Rawlins, WY was hosting the Wyoming State Steel Challenge.

Since moving to Montana I haven’t had the opportunity to drive to many matches. Getting a chance to shoot this match and see more of the West had me excited. The schedule looked something like this:

Saturday, July 17
0600 – 10.5 hour drive to Rawlins, WY

Sunday, July 18
0800 – Shooters Meeting
0830 – First shot fired
1330 – On the road to knock out a chunk of the drive

Monday, July 19
0330 – Up early for more driving
0800 – Home sweet home!

21 hours of driving for 4 min 3.46 seconds of shooting – worth every second in my book!

The range was impressive and all eight steel challenge stages were set up to spec.  Of course, the folks at GDSC are top notch in my book.  Knowing we had to be on the road, they were so kind to let us shoot through the last two stages before breaking for lunch.  THANK YOU!

I was pleasantly surprised with my results considering the short four days of steel practice under my belt this year. I posted top times in Production, Limited and Ladies Divisions.  The match served as an excellent warm up and gave me a good idea of what I need to work on for the World Speed Shooting Championships next month.  Here’s a quick video…

G U N : S&W M&P Pro Series 9mm with Warren Tactical Sights
G E A R : ASYM Ammunition, Vihta Vuori Powder, Starline Brass, Safariland ELS Rig, Gemini Jersey, Rudy Project Noyz, Pro Ears & Vertx Pants

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