2010 International Revolver Championships Open Ladies Win & #Video

June was another busy month! I shot my third International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts (ICORE) match. Last year I took the plunge and shot the ICORE Southern Regional to get familiar with the game before I competed at the International Revolver Championships (IRC). I fell in love with the sport and challenge of shooting a wheel gun. It may have been my first IRC, but I knew it wouldn’t be my last.

After shooting a mostly stock S&W 627 V-Comp, early this year my gun got some serious APEX Tactical custom work before I hit the range with it for this season. In case you missed my posts about the gun check the out in my tags gun glam. Fresh off the Bianchi Cup, I only had a few days with just a couple hundred rounds under my belt before I boarded planes – 3 of them – on my trip to California. I admit with such little time on the gun this year, I was a tad bit apprehensive about the match.

My greatest challenge in shooting revolver is finding the red dot in my Aimpoint Micro. The revolver grip is foreign enough to me that I just haven’t developed that muscle memory… yet. J In addition to the work by Apex, I also had a set of Hogue Grips on put on the gun. Not only are they just simply gorgeous, they really helped me get the same grip every time. I am a total fan!

At the match I was squadded with a number of my Smith & Wesson teammates. Annette and Elliot Aysen are top-notch shooters and wonderful people too! They helped me with the perfect load for my gun and also developing my strategy for the stages. Then of course there’s Jerry Miculek. I was behind him in our squad’s shooting order and what an act to follow! What Jerry does with a revolver is beyond amazing. Neil & Pat Hogue were also on the squad. Neil shot his way to an impressive 2nd Overall in the match. Congrats!!

It was a huge weekend for the Team and we picked up 10 World Titles!

Open, Jerry Miculek
Limited, John Bagakis
Retro, Craig Buckland
Limited Lady, Annette Aysen
Limited Senior, Elliot Aysen
Limited Junior, Molly Smith
Open Lady, Julie Golob
Open Senior, Jerry Miculek
Open Junior, Janae Sarabia
Six Shooter, Craig Buckland

I am especially proud of our Junior Team members Rachael Crow, and Molly Smith. I was just starting out at their age and to see them perform so well at a world championship is exciting. The future of the shooting sports is in good hands should these young ladies continue to pursue competition. What inspirations!

I had a few glitches but shot well enough to win my second IRC Ladies Open Title. Flora Yang and Janae Sarabia weren’t far behind and both ladies shot some great scores in the match. There’s no doubt I will have to work hard if I hope to defend the title next year.

Here’s a video compilation from the match.  I put my new Hunter’s Specialties i-Kam Xtreme Video Eyewear to good use for a first person view of some of the stages. Enjoy!

As always a huge thank you to Smith & Wesson, my sponsors and the wonderful IRC Staff. Special thanks also go out to Apex Tactical, Hogue and Annette and Elliot Aysen.

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