2010 IDPA National Championships Recap & #Video

I finished a whirlwind tour of matches in September and October and I have been remiss in posting updates. My apologies for my virtual silence! Looking back, Steel Challenge was the last time I had a chance to catch up here. Really? Wow, that seems so long ago! Since then I have been to two nationals and a world championships and it’s about time I catch up!

The best place to start is right where I left off after Steel Challenge, the IDPA National Championships in Tulsa, OK. The match was hosted by the United States Shooting Academy, September 22-25. It proved to be yet another fantastic event. The Match Director Curt Nichols, the safety officer crew, match staff and of course the hard working folks from IDPA Headquarters put together challenging courses of fire. Not unlike my S&W M&P Pro, the nationals runs like a finely-tune machine.

I was really looking forward to competing at this national championship. I haven’t been able to commit as much time to IDPA as I would like for the past couple of years due to my little one and the way the shooting seasons have worked out. This year, the schedule allowed me to dedicate some time to adequately prepare for the match. I really wanted to reclaim the Ladies National Title and I knew I needed to put in some good training to earn the win.

I competed all day on Thursday in a great squad. Not only did I shoot with some of the best shooters in the sport, but they are also good friends. Between the wonderful company, the kind, courteous staff and fun but accuracy intense stages, I had a great time! Add in perfect weather and it truly doesn’t get better than that.

I owe a huge thank you to my Smith & Wesson teammate Phil Strader and his wife Denielle for letting me stay in their home. Without their generous support, I wouldn’t have been able to attend. Denielle watched my daughter for me while I was at the range. It was the first time I have traveled to a match with my little one since she was tiny. I must say that the airline staff was a bit surprised when I checked in with all that toddler support gear and two M&P’s. I guess there aren’t that many mom’s with small children checking in guns these days.

It was also exciting to see so many women at the event. From those who competed to the women who generously volunteered their time to work the match, it was wonderful to see such great participation. For all you IDPA members, my next column for the IDPA Tactical Journal is dedicated to the women of the nationals.

I am very happy to say that I was able to win my fourth IDPA Ladies National Title, posted 8 ladies stage wins and was 9th Place Enhanced Service Pistol Master Class. I used a Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Series 9mm with Warren Tactical Sights and ASYM Ammunition with Starline brass and Vihta Vuori Powder. I wore a paddle holster from Safariland that was very comfortable and my Salomon GTX’s trail runners. My hearing and ear protection were Pro Ears and Rudy Project Genetyks, my favorite Rudy’s for IDPA competition.

Congratulations to Team Smith & Wesson members Jerry Miculek and Craig Buckland who also won national titles in Enhanced and Stock Service Revolver Divisions respectively.  Thanks again to the all the staff for the experience! To wrap up, here’s a video from the match posted on my You-Tube Channel…

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