10 Things to Know about the 2014 IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals

Even though the Back Up Gun Nationals hosted by Smith & Wesson is a ton of fun, because of the short courses of fire with multiple starts and the challenging lighting conditions, it makes it really difficult to get good footage. For this match update I am trying a different format together that will (hopefully) give you some perspective and insight on what it’s like to shoot the event. Here are 10 things from this year’s competition that made it a total blast:

  1. The guns! There are two divisions, pistol and revolver. I chose to compete with my carry gun, a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in 9mm outfitted with an Apex Tactical Specialties Drop In Trigger Kit and Warren Tactical 2-dot Night SightsRAND Innovation’s CLP , a Safariland 5197 holster, and soft shooting, accurate Federal Premium American Eagle 147 grain ammunition.
  2. Smith & Wesson president and CEO James Debney and several members of Smith & Wesson’s management team shot the match.
  3. A wide variety of challenging lighting conditions.
  4. Cookies!!!
  5. No draws or reloads required.
  6. If you shoot in your wedding dress you might be…
  7. Two words: bunny ears.
  8. Life’s a beach on the range.
  9. #shootlikeagirl
  10. Keepin it classy with roses.

Whether it’s Shooting USA filming the action, Paul Erhardt and Dwight Pries snapping photos or getting sucked into *someone’s* selfie cam, there are plenty of photos from the match. Check out IDPA’s facebook page for albums featuring the shooters and staff. A special thank you to all the staff, my amazing sponsors, fellow Smith & Wesson teammates and Dwight Pries, Paul Erhardt and Average Shooter’s Jason Mathers for photos and videos. To learn more about the International Defensive Pistol association visit IDPA.com

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